• Five Reasons Regular Grease Trap Cleaning is Important

    Few businesses want to think about or spend money on cleaning their grease traps. It's certainly not as exciting as ordering new tablecloths or reupholstering your banquettes. Grease traps are usually kept out of sight, so you don't notice them on a daily basis. However, besides being necessary to comply with local and state restaurant hygiene laws, having your grease traps cleaned regularly is important for a number of reasons.
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  • 3 Common Chemical Additives Municipalities Use To Control Lead Getting Into The Drinking Water Supply

    The situation in Flint, Michigan, has given rise to the concern about water safety in many communities across the United States. The main issue is that water from the Flint River is so corrosive that it allowed lead used in the pipes and solder to build the municipal water lines to filter into the drinking water supply. A part of the problem was that chemicals commonly used to reduce the corrosiveness of the water weren't used before the water was treated and sent to homes and businesses.
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  • Simple Steps To Preventing Rodents And Scavengers Around Your Dumpster

    Trash may be an unavoidable part of your daily business practices, but dealing with rodents that can come along with having a rented dumpster in the vicinity can absolutely be avoided. There are several simple measures you can take to make sure that the dumpster you have to house trash week to week does not become a magnet for every rodent in the area.  Go with dumpsters that have a lockable lid.
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