Five Reasons Regular Grease Trap Cleaning is Important

Posted on: 7 March 2016

Few businesses want to think about or spend money on cleaning their grease traps. It's certainly not as exciting as ordering new tablecloths or reupholstering your banquettes. Grease traps are usually kept out of sight, so you don't notice them on a daily basis. However, besides being necessary to comply with local and state restaurant hygiene laws, having your grease traps cleaned regularly is important for a number of reasons.

Why Having Your Grease Traps Cleaned is Important

1. Easier and cheaper when you have regular maintenance. Having your grease traps cleaned regularly prevents oily build-up that is difficult (and costly) to remove. In addition, the removal company will spend less time at your location when you have regular grease trap maintenance. That means less disruption for your workers and a lower bill (since most companies charge by the hour.)

2. Avoiding noxious smells. Grease and food that become trapped in the grease trap will start to smell over time. That odor can find its way back into your kitchen and even your dining room. Your guests aren't likely to return soon if they have to eat in a smelly environment. You may even have trouble finding and keeping employees if they have to work in a smelly kitchen or dining room.

3. Fewer plumbing problems. The pipes with your grease traps eventually lead out to the main sewer pipe. When these pipes become clogged with grease, they can cause a back-up in your entire plumbing system. Keeping your traps clean helps improve the entire system and keeps the water flowing smoothly.

4. No penalties from the local authorities. When your grease traps become clogged and noxious water starts overflowing the trap, it can affect the local water supply and lead to an environmental issue. Because of this, many municipalities impose financial penalties for companies that have high levels of grease flowing into the sewer system, even if you've met the minimum trap cleaning requirements. Should a worker and guest become ill from the smelly fumes and bacteria emitting from your grease trap, you might even get sued.

Having your grease traps cleaned is not something you want to put off for another day. Although it is an unpleasant chore, keeping up on this essential piece of restaurant maintenance can save you money, keep your restaurant smelling sweet, keep your plumbing system healthy and keep you from incurring unnecessary penalties and fines. Consider calling a local grease removal service, such as Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services, to schedule regular maintenance.