Simple Steps To Preventing Rodents And Scavengers Around Your Dumpster

Posted on: 1 March 2016

Trash may be an unavoidable part of your daily business practices, but dealing with rodents that can come along with having a rented dumpster in the vicinity can absolutely be avoided. There are several simple measures you can take to make sure that the dumpster you have to house trash week to week does not become a magnet for every rodent in the area. 

Go with dumpsters that have a lockable lid. 

Almost all rental dumpsters have a lid and many have lids that have a loop where you can install a lock if you choose. When rodents are a concern, keeping the lid to the dumpster locked shut is an excellent idea. If you are concerned with passing out keys to everyone who takes out the trash, just place a combination lock on the dumpster instead. 

Keep the dumpster clean. 

Many dumpster rental companies will clean the receptacles after each retrieval and before the next delivery. However, not all of companies do, so it is a good idea to either ask that your dumpster be cleaned before every delivery or take matters into your own hands and give the empty dumpster a quick spray down with soap and water when it is delivered. 

Never place trash in the dumpster unprotected. 

Trash dumped into your dumpster without a bag or box just leaves an open invitation for rodents and other pests. Only place waste in the dumpster in a trash bag or cardboard box, and there will be an added layer of protection to keep pests and odors away. 

Keep the area around the dumpster free from debris. 

You can be completely persistent about keeping your rented dumpster clean, but if the area around the dumpster is littered with tidbits of trash, you can be willing to be that a rodent problem will ensue. Keep the area around your dumpster clean and free of trash by sweeping frequently and washing the area with a hose on a regular basis. 

Use vinegar to keep odors down.

Where there is trash, you can almost guarantee there will be some odor and odor will usually attract rodents. Grab an empty spray bottle and fill it with distilled white vinegar and keep it near your dumpster. Make sure every time trash is added to the dumpster, give the inside of the dumpster and the trash a quick spray over with the vinegar. This will help to neutralize some of the strongest odors and keep pests from sniffing out your waste. 

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