Helpful Information About Black Mold In A House

Posted on: 15 March 2016

Does your house have the strong odor of mold but you don't see any? It is important to hire an abatement contractor to inspect your house in case black mold is present, as it can be harmful to your health. In this article, learn some important information about black mold so you will know how important it is to hire an abatement contractor. 

Your House Might Be Humid from a Water Leak

If your house is humid, it means that there is possibly a water leak that you may not know about. The odor of mold that you smell may be due to spores growing within the wall cavities. A cracked or busted plumbing pipe may be the root of the humidity problem, so you must get it repaired before mold can successfully be treated.  An abatement contractor should then be contacted in a prompt manner to verify if the mold is black or not. If he or she determines that black mold is in your house, you should leave your house until it is treated.

Exposure to Black Mold Can Be Fatal

Black mold can cause mild to severe symptoms that depends on how long you are exposed to it. A few of the mild symptoms are the same as a cold, such as itchy eyes, a runny nose and coughing. You can also experience infertility, heart damage, low blood pressure and problems with breathing. Staying in a house that has untreated black mold can cause your immune system to stop functioning properly and might even lead to death. Some of the black mold symptoms can affect mental health, including feeling depressed, aggression, disorientation and anxiety.

Abatement Must Be Performed By a Professional

It is not in your best interest to attempt black mold abatement on your own, as you can harm yourself and cause the problem to become worse. An abatement contractor will know how to prevent black mold spores from spreading all over your house during treatment, such as by moistening them and using an exhaust fan. He or she will keep mold spores contained to the room that is being treated because if any spores spread to other areas of your house, they can quickly grow into a bigger problem. The abatement contractor will also sanitize the areas that are treated to make sure your house is safe enough to live in. Speak to an abatement contractor (such as one from ENVIROTECH Inc) about the odor of mold in your house.