How To Buy The Best Business Computer On A Budget

Posted on: 10 March 2016

Unless you badly need portability, a desktop computer is a better option for a business. You can purchase significantly more power for your buck. Desktop computers are easier to upgrade and are much more durable. However, not every desktop will give you the best bang for your buck. Some are overpowered and some are likely to be incompatible with the software your company must use.

Avoid Purchasing The Cheapest Computer

Do not try to save money on a cheaper computer. Less expensive computers will need to be repaired more often and will also run much more slowly.

Stick With One Operating System

Choose a single operating system and do not change it. By switching to a different OS, you will have to retrain your employees on how to use it. There may also be software programs that are not compatible with the new OS you choose.

You Might Not Need That Much Speed

Most modern computers can handle most business tasks. However, for tech companies, graphic artists and those who must crunch numbers, you may need to select the most powerful CPU possible and ideally 8GB of RAM. If you ever have to wait for your computer to load or if you are frequently plagued by frozen applications, do not make the mistake of settling for the status quo. Make sure your computer is not infected and consider upgrading the RAM and processor.

Don't Buy An Unnecessarily Expensive Video Card

Expensive video cards are not important for the vast majority of businesses. The only exception is if you are creating 3D images or videos for clients. Most video cards are able to handle the video needs of all businesses.

Don't Buy Too Much Storage

You will not need a considerable amount of storage. Storage is not very expensive and you can purchase external hard drives or upgrade your current hard drive if your company needs more storage space. If you are concerned about speed, purchasing a solid state hard drive will allow you to boot your computers more quickly.

Purchase ISV-Certified Software

Purchase equipment that is Independent Software Vendor certified. The companies that make the software your business depends on test the hardware to verify that the software will be compatible. If your hardware is not compatible, you may need a refund or you may need to seek other software solutions compatible with your computer's capabilities. But you can avoid unnecessary downtime and purchase the perfect computer if you conduct adequate research.

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